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Welcome to YexCorp Limited

YexCorp Limited is an I.T. and Multi-Media company operating in several different sectors, providing a range of services to our clients, as well as package deals covering our multiple streams.

Our business has grown to incorporate an array of complementary services to benefit businesses of all size, charities, bands and the individual consumer.

Our Services include:

  • I.T. Consultancy - Our professional I.T. consultants can provide end-to-end I.T. services from high level infrastructure architecture (including data centre facilities) through to build and commissioning of services. We have operated with massive, world-wide, systems, with budgets in the hundreds of millions, down to small scale, single office builds.
  • Web Design - We create, and manage, websites, for a number of clients,including e-commerce solutions and paid membership. *
  • Printing - We provide dye sublimation and ink transfer printing services, which allow us to print on, practically, anything. Ideal for promotional materials and merchandise. If combined with web design we can create, and manage, an e-commerce site with drop shipping for your merchandise (i.e. no up-front fees for printed stock, as we will print and ship to order). This is ideal for charities, bands and musicians (our e-commerce solution also allows for the purchase of digital content). *
  • Music Mixing - We can mix your music in our professional studio. *
  • Music Production - We can produce music for any project, whether it be backing tracks for adverts, music for DJs, music for singer/songwriters or helping to polish your band's own compositions. *
  • Music Editing/Post-Production - We can edit your recordings to fix mistakes (e.g. drum mapping, vocal tuning, performance errors), composition and "over-recording" (e.g. when you've recorded ALL the guitar parts and now it sounds messy, we can edit this down to make more sense). *
  • Post-Production Recording - If you decide you need to re-reccord a part, but don't want to go back to the studio, we can do that for you here; or, we can come to you with a mobile recording rig, for a fraction of the cost. *
  • Music Mastering - We can take your mixes and create production ready masters. *
  • Music Tuition - We offer instrument lessons for various styles of guitar and bass, as well as tuition in the processes involved with mixing and mastering techniques. *
  • Photography - Our professional photographers provide a range of services including: product photography, gig photography, boudoir photography, wedding photography, event photography, portfolio shoots, content photography, magazine photography and promotional photography. *
  • Videography - We provide video recording and editing services for a number of clients.*
  • Graphic Design - We can design your logo, or provide scalable versions of an existing logo/idea, as well as providing interesting backgrounds for your websites etc.*

Items marked with an * can be purchased as part of a package.

Here are some of our other sites 2024:

Our package offers are particularly useful for bands/musicians and charities as we are able to provide an all-in-one service to promote your business and provide a revenue stream.

Many smaller businesses tend to believe that a website or consultancy services are out of their financial reach: operating as a small business ourselves, we understand this mentality and are able to provide solutions on the most modest of budgets. Yet our team members have worked with multi-national companies, leading solutions commanding multi-million pound budgets. So we understand the importance of factors such as scalability, supportability, return on investment, total cost of ownership etc. on all projects of all sizes. "Business goals should be at the root of all I.T.".
Some of our Specialist areas: Data/File Management, Disaster Tolerance, Business Continuity Planning, Active Directory, WIntel systems, Office Infrastructure Systems, Backup Solutions, Storage Area Networks, Clustering, System migration, Lotus Notes, Training, System Evolution, server consolidation & virtualisation, web design & hosting, photography, graphic design, music recording/production...

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